Top Five Attractions For Culture Vultures in Vienna

The Opera House is one of the best Attractions For Culture Vultures in Vienna ... photo by CC user 	Mstyslav Chernov via

When you think of Vienna, romantic architecture, stunning scenery and fairytale castles spring to mind, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye to this fair city. Bathed in rich history and traditions, there’s so much to see and do here for culture lovers. Here are just five of the top attractions you must see when next taking your trip out there.

1. Become an art expert

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to art galleries, and there are collections to suit all tastes. If watercolours and drawings are your passion, head for the Albertina and view 45,000 of them. If you’re into Pop Art and Photorealism, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns await you at the Museum of Modern Art. If you favour tradition, why not combine art and history by visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Art. From Greek and Roman collections to ancient sculptures and decorative art of old, this is one not to miss.

2. Give in to gluttony

If gastronomy is your area of expertise, you’ll find everything from old-style Viennese cooking, to hipster hangouts or chic and stylish fine-dining. Click here for a guide to the best restaurants in the area. If you’d rather go local, why not grab some street food after walking around a flea market in search of hidden treasures. Plus, boasting seven square kilometres of vineyard, Vienna is the world’s largest wine-growing capital city. Don’t forget to wash down all that rich food with fine wine.

3. Take in an opera

What could be a more sophisticated outing than good food, fine wine, and an evening at the opera. Viennese opera houses are home to regular ballets, classical music, seasonal concerts and other special events. Why not take a look at the up-coming shows so that you don’t miss out on your next trip? Whether you want to check the calendar or reserve seats, Vienna Opera Tickets has everything you need.

4. Peruse the local museums

Vienna has over 100 museums within its boundaries, so you won’t be short of places to go. Start at the Vienna Museum and walk through the artefacts and exhibits that piece together Vienna’s history. From materials used to create some of the most iconic architecture in Vienna, to relics dating back to the Stone Age, the Natural History Museum is bound to get your cultural juices flowing. But if that’s not enough, why not drop in for tea at Mozart’s former home, or Sigmund Freud’s place, both now popular museums. 

5. Take an eTukTuk tour

Tours of the city stretch from professional photography tours to cycling routes. If you really want to see the city in style though, take an eTukTuk tour to the best hidden gems in Vienna as seen from the rooftops. Off the beaten track, it’s the best way to sample the cultural delights the city has to offer, and it ends with free drink at the coolest rooftop bar in town.

Hopefully the culture-vultures out there will be heading for these places in the near-future – we’ll see you there.

The best spas in Europe

The best spas in Europe have decor that relax the client upon entry ... photo by CC user Avilash behera on wikimedia

Those looking for a truly exquisite experience during their luxury holidays in Europe should make an effort to visit one of the many soothing spas that can be found across the continent. From Sicily to Scandinavia, there are many resorts that fit the bill perfectly, but the following five can be considered among the very best spas in Europe for the atmosphere that they create for their deserving clientele.

1) Therme del Parco, Forte, Italy

Looking to unknot all the tension in those tight muscles after a long week of sightseeing across Italy? Checking into Therme del Parco will prove to be a wise decision, as this spa has a well-established track record of pampering professional athletes and other well-known celebrities in need of world class care.

With over 40 specialists on staff across 20 rooms, you won’t wait long to be served, and state of the art equipment like thalassotherapy pools that will knead away your sore muscles in record time, you will get excellent value for the price that you pay here.

2) Viva Mayr, Lake Worth, Austria

While the most effective treatments in spas focus on your battered body, the first curative effects you’ll notice when at Viva Mayr in Austria will be on your mind, as the gorgeous views of the snow-capped Alps will set your mind at ease in between treatments on their well-situated deck.

Based on the teachings of Dr. Franz Mayr, this institution heals you by focusing on changing the way you eat, and by cleansing the damage that your prior habits have already wreaked on your body. Over five days, they will set you on the path to a more energetic life, leaving you a brand new person at the end of your time there.

3) Europe Hotel Resort, Killarney, Ireland

For some, the emerald green hills and placid lakes of Ireland is just want they need to reset their mind and bodies. The best place to achieve this goal on this magical isle is at the Europe Hotel Resort in Killarney, as the relaxing vistas soothe the mind as the hydrotherapy pools take all the stress out of every muscle and joint within you.

4) Grand Hotel Oslo, Oslo, Norway

The perfect way to end a holiday spent viewing fjords along the Norwegian coast is to check into the Grand Hotel Oslo, as its highly regarded spa is considered to be one of the best spots to relax in all of Northern Europe.

With luxurious stonework throughout and divine Artesia body scrubs being its biggest claim to fame, you might find yourself extending your stay here one more night for the spa alone.