Enjoy a Fabulous Day at the Cheltenham Festival this March

The variety of equestrian events taking place over the course of 2016 means that there will be plenty for horseracing fans to look forward to. However, some of the major events such as the Grand National and Royal Ascot are not just for fans of this sport – they have become hugely popular social events over the years with plenty for everyone to enjoy in addition to the racing.


One of the major events that is coming up this year is the hugely popular Cheltenham Festival, which will be taking place from 15th to 18th March 2016 at the famous Cheltenham racecourse. Those attending will be able to enjoy everything from watching the races and having a flutter to special days such as Ladies’ Day, St Patrick’s Thursday and the excitement of Gold Cup Day. For those that want to place bets, heading to a Cheltenham betting site such as Coral means that you can look forward to ease and convenience as well as keeping up with the latest information on this hotly anticipated event. You can check up on Coral’s Cheltenham Festival betting market and odds online too, so this betting site will benefit both those going to the event and those who cannot make it in person.

Plan your visit to Cheltenham

If you are one of the lucky people heading to Cheltenham this year, it is a good idea to plan ahead so that all you need to do is sit back and look forward to the excitement of the event. You should make sure you get your accommodation booked as early as possible if you plan to stay overnight, as local hotels are likely to get booked up quickly. There are plenty of places to stay close to the racecourse such as the comfortable yet affordable Travelodge Cheltenham Hotel, which is just a few miles from the racecourse. Other nearby hotels include the Clarence Court Hotel, Ellenborough Park Hotel, and the Central Hotel Cheltenham.

It is also advisable to plan ahead when it comes to other sights and attractions during your time in Cheltenham. There are plenty of attractions and places of interest that you might want to visit before or after the races. The Wilson Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum is a great choice of culture vultures or you can enjoy spending some time at the beautiful Montpellier Gardens, which is perfect if you want to soak up some natural beauty and tranquillity.

There is also plenty for you to enjoy at the racecourse itself in addition to the racing. Take in the bronze statues of some of the well known horses that have raced at the course or step into the Trophy Room and take a look at the stunning trophies that are displayed there. The Hall of Fame is also a must for racing fans or if you want a more exciting experience you can head to the onsite Guinness Village for great music and a refreshing pint.

The best spas in Europe

The best spas in Europe have decor that relax the client upon entry ... photo by CC user Avilash behera on wikimedia

Those looking for a truly exquisite experience during their luxury holidays in Europe should make an effort to visit one of the many soothing spas that can be found across the continent. From Sicily to Scandinavia, there are many resorts that fit the bill perfectly, but the following five can be considered among the very best spas in Europe for the atmosphere that they create for their deserving clientele.

1) Therme del Parco, Forte, Italy

Looking to unknot all the tension in those tight muscles after a long week of sightseeing across Italy? Checking into Therme del Parco will prove to be a wise decision, as this spa has a well-established track record of pampering professional athletes and other well-known celebrities in need of world class care.

With over 40 specialists on staff across 20 rooms, you won’t wait long to be served, and state of the art equipment like thalassotherapy pools that will knead away your sore muscles in record time, you will get excellent value for the price that you pay here.

2) Viva Mayr, Lake Worth, Austria

While the most effective treatments in spas focus on your battered body, the first curative effects you’ll notice when at Viva Mayr in Austria will be on your mind, as the gorgeous views of the snow-capped Alps will set your mind at ease in between treatments on their well-situated deck.

Based on the teachings of Dr. Franz Mayr, this institution heals you by focusing on changing the way you eat, and by cleansing the damage that your prior habits have already wreaked on your body. Over five days, they will set you on the path to a more energetic life, leaving you a brand new person at the end of your time there.

3) Europe Hotel Resort, Killarney, Ireland

For some, the emerald green hills and placid lakes of Ireland is just want they need to reset their mind and bodies. The best place to achieve this goal on this magical isle is at the Europe Hotel Resort in Killarney, as the relaxing vistas soothe the mind as the hydrotherapy pools take all the stress out of every muscle and joint within you.

4) Grand Hotel Oslo, Oslo, Norway

The perfect way to end a holiday spent viewing fjords along the Norwegian coast is to check into the Grand Hotel Oslo, as its highly regarded spa is considered to be one of the best spots to relax in all of Northern Europe.

With luxurious stonework throughout and divine Artesia body scrubs being its biggest claim to fame, you might find yourself extending your stay here one more night for the spa alone.

Top Reasons To Visit Estonia

For quite some time now, the top reasons to visit Estonia have slowly paved their way into the European tourism market. The moment you set foot into Estonia, be prepared to be captivated by its enthralling scenic landscapes and beautiful cities. For those who are not yet familiar with the country as a tourist destination, read on and you’ll find out more as to why this country is regarded as a secret treasure to a lot of people in Estonia as well as well traveled Europeans.

cathedral in Estonia

Just in the heart of the country lies Tallinn which is Estonia’s capital. Tallinn being a boat trip away from Helsinki and Stockholm makes it the ideal spot to start a tour through Scandinavia and is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Estonia.

Getting to Northern and Western Estonia will surely lead you to the picturesque tourist attractions which the inimitable Estonian sceneries have to offer. Lahemaa National Park for example which is situated on the north shores of the country is deemed as one of the top reasons to visit Estonia given it is among the most significant nature reserve regions in Europe. Tallinn Botanical Garden on the other hand is another spot to see in Estonia positioned in the quaint dell of Pirita River. The Botanical Garden features numerous interesting plant collections which are distinct in the country. Conversely, Matsalu National Park also has an edge to boast since it is a real oasis for bird-gazing enthusiasts. Furthermore, Matsalu displays a lot of bird-watching areas and trekking routes which will allow you to take pleasure in the place more.

Known as a rich historical country, Estonia’s former position in the Soviet Union has merited the nation with a unique historical standing. Currently, ancient Soviet Architectural structures and transportation remain ever-present thus proves itself to be a nice place to explore for those who are full-fledged aficionados of history.

Also put in mind that the sandy beaches are definitely one of the top reasons to visit Estonia owing to its various offered beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing which will never fail to add more thrill to your vacation getaway in Estonia.