5 Odd Reasons People have been denied entry to the USA

So your planning your trip to the United States of America! Your venture awaits. The first thing you need to do now is to apply for an ESTA Visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization gives you approval to travel the United States. Without this you will be denied entry when flying into the United States, but with this your all good to go right?

Well thats what these people thought! However it is actually completely up to immigration officers discretion whether you enter the country or not. Here are 5 odd reasons where people have been denied entry to the United States of America.

denied entry to the United States

For Tweeting

Yes it is possible to get denied entry to the US for this so becareful what you tweet! Travellers have been denied entry for the comments they have posted on their twitter feeds. Back in 2012 Mr. Leigh Van Bryan was denied entry to the United States for posting the following tweet; ‘Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America.”

Leigh was questioned for 5 hours upon arriving to the United States of America and was forced to leave after Homeland Security Agents decided his tweet was and another where he claimed he was coming to the States to ‘dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe’ were enough to send him back home. These comments were not appreciated and while Bryan insisted it that by ‘destroy’ he meant have a jolly good time, it was a year after the 9/11 terror attacks and threats whether true or false would not be tolerated.

Insulting The President

A 17 year old boy from the UK decided to email the White House back in 2010. In his drunken email he called current President Barack Obama ‘A Pr**k’.

It was reported that the following day the police came round, took his photo and told him he was banned from visiting the USA for life! The US Customs & Border Protection agency refused to comment on the matter and it is thought that the ban genuinely remains in place.

For Travelling Too Much

Having certain stamps in your passports especially in less traveled nations, especially in muslim countries can raise the eyebrows of Homeland Security. A Dutch writer Neilk Gerson Lohman had travelled around the world, but his Stamps to Yemen and Malaysia meant he was turned away and denied entry to the United States.

With Donald Trump’s current travel ban to the countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen mean that anyone foreign who has visited one of these countries is likely to raise suspicion at immigration even to this day..

For Having a Guitar

Vice did a feature on a man named Johannes Neiderhauser. The European found himself in a horrific predicament when Home Land security decided to interrogate him, strip search him and then deport him back to Europe because his Guitar raised suspicion that he was returning to the US to try work as a proffessional musician.

It turns out that the poor guy was simply interested in travelling the southern states of the US and playing a fee unpaid gigs!

Have You Ever Experienced a Night Out in Prague?

Despite Prague being the capital city of the Czech Republic, it has booked its spot as one of Europe’s most charming and beautiful cities. The moment when its dusk, you will never wish for dawn to appear any time soon. The nightlife in Prague is intensely filled with almost everything you can hope for in a perfect night out.

Clubs are plenty, and the drinks are very affordable for everyone to enjoy and keep the night going. Prague is practically much alive every day of the week. You won’t even see a difference between the weekdays and the weekends.

The following are just a few of the things you can do in a Prague night out;

1. Luxury Dinner Cruise

Discover Prague by night on the most modern boat in Europe. This is a 2.5-hour cruise, and you won’t help but admire the historical monuments like Prague castle illuminated after dark. This experience is unforgettable coupled with the fact that you get live music during the cruise while you enjoy the international and Czech food.

2. Have Medieval Dinner with Unlimited Drinks

This is a fun and unique experience that brings the past to life in the atmosphere of a medieval tavern. You will encounter a spectacular medieval show with music and unlimited beer, wine, and soft drinks. A 5-course menu is also inclusive (pork, poultry, fish, vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free, as requested in advance)

3. 5-hour The Pub Crawl

Now, this is something you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s an event that lasts 5 hours where you will be visiting five fun venues and getting free complimentary drinks in each spot, 1 hour of unlimited drinks in the first bar and drink discount and specials. An English speaking local guide will be helping you out in your quest as you discover some of Prague’s most exciting clubs and bars.

4. Steak and strip clubs

For many, the night is not complete without hitting a strip club. Prague may not have as many strip clubs as Vegas, but the few out there can make you get stuck in the city. Apart from the clubs and bars in the town, Prague has a list of all rounded clubs offering everything you can have in a restaurant (steaks and chicken wings), clubs (music) and bars (drinks). But most importantly you will get to see the exquisite exotic dancers in the country.

5. Pub Crawl on International Party

This all-night party includes 1 hour of unlimited beer, wine, vodka, and absinthe. At the first bar, you’ll have the chance to mix and mingle with fellow party-minded travelers from around the world. During an unlimited power hour, you never have to wait for your next free drink. You then follow your party tour guides to 3 more local bars with an on-the-house welcome shot at every venue! You can end the crawl with VIP entry to the 5-story mega-club Karlovy lázně, the biggest club in Prague! It has five floors, with different themes and styles of music on each! No matter what your music preference, you’ll find it here!

Brief summary

Prague is a captivating city that even that the most traveled tourist will be oozing dismay throughout the night. You will want to visit the city again and again because one night is not enough to experience the buzzing nightlife of Prague fully.

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3 Great Restaurants to Taste Local Fare in Rome

Once you’ve visited the Coliseum, checked out the Vatican, and wandered around Rome’s historic city center, no doubt you’ll be hungry soon. While pasta and pizza are the usual fare for first time visitors, these appetizing treats can soon become rather mundane, so how about checking out these hidden culinary delights the locals would rather you didn’t know about?


La Zanzara

The streets around the Vatican City used to be a bit of a foodie desert, what with so many tourists in the area that every restaurant and bar caters just to them. But that’s not so anymore thanks to La Zanzara, which has opened up just a few steps away from his Holiness’s home.

Aimed at the sophisticated inhabitants of the neighborhood, Zanzara offers one of the best things to do with locals in Rome, according to WithLocals.com. The restaurant was opened by the owners of the Balthazar look-alike Baccano, across the river. The space reads more French bistro than Italian, with trattoria—tiled floors, wrought-iron bread racks, and bentwood café chairs seem imported straight from the Left Bank—but the menu travels all over the place. While there are plenty of Italian plates, from gnocchi to osso buco, Zanzara also serves tempura-fried cod, hot dogs, and Hungarian goulash—and it’s open from breakfast through cocktails and dinner. The trio of three mini hamburgers is one of the most popular mains, but I love Zanzara’s mini rosette: bite-size Roman rolls stuffed with things like truffle-flecked mortadella, Parmigiano, and other treats.

Don’t miss the Tagliolino burro e Alice del Cantabrico, a heavenly tangle of homemade pasta, butter, and anchovies.

Stazione di Posta

Housed in an old slaughterhouse – a crumbling yet magnificent example of Rome’s urban architecture – the Stazione di Posta is a restaurant and cocktail bar that’s located amid old former cattle stalls. The cobblestone floors and wide steel windows perfectly frame this former industrial space-come-culinary-delight. The kitchen, overseen by chef Marco Martini, pairs rigorously sourced local organic ingredients from a nearby farm with modern and creative cooking. A recent antipasto: cabbage, guanciale, and mushrooms tossed with a snowy mountain of shaved ricotta salata—earthy and rich, and decidedly porky.

Don’t miss the Ajo e ojo di mare, fat spaghetti tossed with a shellfish reduction and sprinkled with dehydrated mussel powder, Chef Martini’s own version of the traditional garlic and olive oil pasta. Outside seating, weather permitting.


Street food is Rome’s newest trend. While we’ve always had pizza bianca—ubiquitous here in the Eternal City—recently different regional specialty foods have been showing up. One of the hot spots is the Monti neighborhood where Antonio Menconi is introducing the oft-forgotten but much-loved street foods of the Ligurian coast. Farinata—a finely ground chickpea-flour batter carefully poured into a huge shallow pan then slipped into the fire-stoked oven—is the big seller. The massive sizzling-hot pancakes are cooked quickly, sliced into wedges, and then dusted with black pepper before being wrapped in paper, making for a perfect portable snack. At lunchtime you’ll also find testarolo, Tuscan wheat pancakes cut into lozenges, tossed with pesto, and sprinkled with aged sheep’s-milk cheese.

Don’t miss the best bruschetta in town—thick slices of artisanal bread toasted and drizzled with bright-green extra-virgin olive oil.

Six Films Set in Rome

Famous Italian film director Federico Fellini once said that “Rome does not need to make culture, it is culture…” It’s one of the oldest cities in the world and its very name inspires awe, longing and reminiscences. Its ancient streets and squares are instantly recognisable by even those who have never been and it’s this magical quality that makes for great cinema.

We’re going to take a quick tour of some of the best films set in The Eternal City and together they might inspire you to book your next holiday, or some Rome Opera tickets, or maybe just dream a little…


The Talented Mr Ripley (1999)

This Anthony Minghella adaptation of the Patricia Highsmith novel brings out the bad side of Rome, albeit in a luscious and seductive manner. It sees Americans falling for old Europe and all its highbrowed corruption. Matt Damon plays Tom Ripley, an underprivileged but smart (some might say sociopathic) social climber who has been tasked with tracking down the wealthy Dickie Greenleaf (Jude Law). Of course the actors are stunning, but the city is the real star – we see narrow streets, scooters, the calm-but-treacherous sea and the insides of several jazz clubs.

La Dolce Vita (1960)

Many see Fellini’s La Dolce Vita as the Italian story and the three-hour film charts exactly what the so-called “sweet life” can be like. It shows us an Italy that’s recovering from the privations of World War II and uses an episodic medieval narrative style borrowed from Dante to ask questions about life, religion and culture. The iconic Trevi Fountain scene starring Swedish bombshell Anita Ekberg shocked critics and censors alike and the film still has the power to make viewers stop and think.

The Great Beauty (2013)

Fellini was an outsider to Rome, having been raised in Rimini, which is possibly why he saw the city so keenly. Paolo Sorrentino is a fellow outsider (Naples) and he looks at Rome through a slightly hyper-real lens. Instead of post-war excesses however, Sorrentino brings us up-to-date with modern-day Berlusconi era hedonism. The Great Beauty is more of a hit back in Italy, but after winning an Oscar for the best Foreign Language Film in 2013, this tale of wild parties and strange performance art is sure to attract fans worldwide. Again, the city itself is one of the stars, with many architectural shots and vistas to gaze at.

Gladiator (2000)

The Eternal City was brought back to life in this epic tale of one man’s fight for revenge and justice against the corrupt machine of the Roman Empire. Ridley Scott takes us back to the year 180AD to see Maximus Decimus Meridius fall from grace, lose everything and rise again to reap his vengeance against the narcissistic emperor Commodus. With the help of CGI, Rome is shown at its jaw-dropping apex, with huge horizons and city skylines, foaming crowds and, of course the Colosseum. As well as revenge, Gladiator explores the cross-over between mass entertainment and exploitative violence, which is as relevant today as it was almost two millennia ago.

Top Five Attractions For Culture Vultures in Vienna

The Opera House is one of the best Attractions For Culture Vultures in Vienna ... photo by CC user 	Mstyslav Chernov via http://mstyslav-chernov.com/

When you think of Vienna, romantic architecture, stunning scenery and fairytale castles spring to mind, but there’s a lot more than meets the eye to this fair city. Bathed in rich history and traditions, there’s so much to see and do here for culture lovers. Here are just five of the top attractions you must see when next taking your trip out there.

1. Become an art expert

You’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to art galleries, and there are collections to suit all tastes. If watercolours and drawings are your passion, head for the Albertina and view 45,000 of them. If you’re into Pop Art and Photorealism, Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns await you at the Museum of Modern Art. If you favour tradition, why not combine art and history by visiting the Kunsthistorisches Museum of Art. From Greek and Roman collections to ancient sculptures and decorative art of old, this is one not to miss.

2. Give in to gluttony

If gastronomy is your area of expertise, you’ll find everything from old-style Viennese cooking, to hipster hangouts or chic and stylish fine-dining. Click here for a guide to the best restaurants in the area. If you’d rather go local, why not grab some street food after walking around a flea market in search of hidden treasures. Plus, boasting seven square kilometres of vineyard, Vienna is the world’s largest wine-growing capital city. Don’t forget to wash down all that rich food with fine wine.

3. Take in an opera

What could be a more sophisticated outing than good food, fine wine, and an evening at the opera. Viennese opera houses are home to regular ballets, classical music, seasonal concerts and other special events. Why not take a look at the up-coming shows so that you don’t miss out on your next trip? Whether you want to check the calendar or reserve seats, Vienna Opera Tickets has everything you need.

4. Peruse the local museums

Vienna has over 100 museums within its boundaries, so you won’t be short of places to go. Start at the Vienna Museum and walk through the artefacts and exhibits that piece together Vienna’s history. From materials used to create some of the most iconic architecture in Vienna, to relics dating back to the Stone Age, the Natural History Museum is bound to get your cultural juices flowing. But if that’s not enough, why not drop in for tea at Mozart’s former home, or Sigmund Freud’s place, both now popular museums. 

5. Take an eTukTuk tour

Tours of the city stretch from professional photography tours to cycling routes. If you really want to see the city in style though, take an eTukTuk tour to the best hidden gems in Vienna as seen from the rooftops. Off the beaten track, it’s the best way to sample the cultural delights the city has to offer, and it ends with free drink at the coolest rooftop bar in town.

Hopefully the culture-vultures out there will be heading for these places in the near-future – we’ll see you there.

Enjoy a Fabulous Day at the Cheltenham Festival this March

The variety of equestrian events taking place over the course of 2016 means that there will be plenty for horseracing fans to look forward to. However, some of the major events such as the Grand National and Royal Ascot are not just for fans of this sport – they have become hugely popular social events over the years with plenty for everyone to enjoy in addition to the racing.


One of the major events that is coming up this year is the hugely popular Cheltenham Festival, which will be taking place from 15th to 18th March 2016 at the famous Cheltenham racecourse. Those attending will be able to enjoy everything from watching the races and having a flutter to special days such as Ladies’ Day, St Patrick’s Thursday and the excitement of Gold Cup Day. For those that want to place bets, heading to a Cheltenham betting site such as Coral means that you can look forward to ease and convenience as well as keeping up with the latest information on this hotly anticipated event. You can check up on Coral’s Cheltenham Festival betting market and odds online too, so this betting site will benefit both those going to the event and those who cannot make it in person.

Plan your visit to Cheltenham

If you are one of the lucky people heading to Cheltenham this year, it is a good idea to plan ahead so that all you need to do is sit back and look forward to the excitement of the event. You should make sure you get your accommodation booked as early as possible if you plan to stay overnight, as local hotels are likely to get booked up quickly. There are plenty of places to stay close to the racecourse such as the comfortable yet affordable Travelodge Cheltenham Hotel, which is just a few miles from the racecourse. Other nearby hotels include the Clarence Court Hotel, Ellenborough Park Hotel, and the Central Hotel Cheltenham.

It is also advisable to plan ahead when it comes to other sights and attractions during your time in Cheltenham. There are plenty of attractions and places of interest that you might want to visit before or after the races. The Wilson Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum is a great choice of culture vultures or you can enjoy spending some time at the beautiful Montpellier Gardens, which is perfect if you want to soak up some natural beauty and tranquillity.

There is also plenty for you to enjoy at the racecourse itself in addition to the racing. Take in the bronze statues of some of the well known horses that have raced at the course or step into the Trophy Room and take a look at the stunning trophies that are displayed there. The Hall of Fame is also a must for racing fans or if you want a more exciting experience you can head to the onsite Guinness Village for great music and a refreshing pint.

Save big with Groupon’s wellness and beauty coupons

The USA is one of the most affordable western nations for many things. The cost of products and food for example, is extremely low. But unfortunately the same can’t be said of luxury services like wellness treatments, which cost a pretty penny due to the high cost of labor in the country.

That’s a blow for people who enjoy going to the spa once in a while to make themselves fresh. But wait, look at what we’ve found. Check out these wellness and beauty pages on Groupon and you’ll be surprised to see amazing discounts on a wide range of pedicures, massages, facials and more. Here’s an example of Austin spas.

austin spas

Get great deals with discount coupons via Groupon business listings

Groupon has become less relevant on the Internet, with its aging deal-a-day discount coupon model failing to generate much buzz these days. The site isn’t nearly as relevant as it once was, and that’s forced its backers to get creative. Now, Groupon has re-emerged as a kind of Yelp 2.0, packed with great business listings.

But while Groupon is now primarily a business directory, it hasn’t ditched its great discounts. Each listing on the site offers a range of great deals through which consumers can save moey, which means that you save a fortune every time you find the business you’re looking for. Check out the Lula Cafe listing below for more details.

Lula Cafe

How to Prepare for a European River Cruise

A European River Cruise is a relaxing and romantic way to see the Old World ... photo by CC user  Rolf H and Aconcagua on wikimedia commons

Until the Berlin Wall came down in 1989, most parts of Eastern Europe were sealed off from all forms of international tourism. Travelers have since discovered a vast array or cultural riches on the other side of of what was long known as the Iron Curtain. From the ornate cathedrals of Prague to the remnants of ancient castle along the banks of the legendary Danube, Eastern Europe contains countless treasures. One of the best ways to enjoy this part of the world is to take a river cruise where you can relax and watch the scenery go by during the day and experience Eastern Europe’s great cities during the evening. River cruises have gained significantly in popularity during the past several years, but because they offer a substantially different experience from ocean cruises, different preparation methods are necessary. Following are three strategies designed to optimize the European river cruise you’re planning.

Go for the Glitz

Unlike classic ocean cruises, river cruises stop at ports of call virtually every night. Because Eastern Europe has fabulous opera, fine dining, and other cultural and entertainment options that are worthy of full-on formal attire. Packing for an ocean cruise generally involves one formal night at dinner in the ship’s main dining room rather than off-board excursions to local nightlife. Even though you’ll be spending each night of a river cruise in a different city, most people prefer to take along more than one formal attire option. Enjoying an opera performance in Prague or dining at an exclusive restaurant in Budapest are experiences of a lifetime that deserve every ounce of glitz and polish that you can fit into a suitcase. Try for at least three formal options and bring enough accessories to change them up enough so that you’ll have a unique look for each occasion.

Bring Walking Clothes

You’ll also be spending more of the day on land on a river cruise than you would if you’d opted for a typical ocean cruise. Eastern Europe river cruises are all about exploring the individual ports of call instead of being on the open water. Ports such as Bucharest and Kiev have numerous ruins of old medieval castles that offer fascinating glimpses into life in the Middle Ages, but you’ll need good footwear to get the most out of the experience. Walking among ancient ruins does not involve comfortable, flat surfaces, so be sure to pack a pair of superior walking shoes and thick socks. Also, keep in mind that many of the streets in towns and cities situated on the riverbanks of countries like Slovakia and Croatia are narrow and winding passageways that often involve significant uphill and downhill terrain, so bring nonrestrictive clothing in breathable fabrics to pair with your sturdy walking shoes.

Take Healthcare Precautions

Certain destinations in Eastern Europe involve elevated risks of contracting diseases that are not commonplace in the United States. For instance, polio and typhoid have both surfaced in various parts of Eastern Europe, and yellow fever outbreaks have become so prevalent that Albany requires travelers to be vaccinated as a condition of being allowed to cross their borders if they are coming from countries where that disease has been found to be present.

It’s also a good idea to arrange for medical transport in the event that you become ill or injured while on a trip. Even though the likelihood of an emergency situation occurring is small, being prepared will streamline situations that require quick action and alleviate obstacles that cost substantial time and money.

It’s also important to be extra vigilant about personal cleanliness and hygiene while on a river cruise. River ships are smaller than ocean going vessels, which means that quarters are slightly more cramped. Use hand sanitizer liberally, particularly before meals after washing your hands thoroughly. Keep in mind that certain surfaces such as door handles and stairway railings are more likely to contain germs than others because they are touched much more frequently.

Above all, relax and take in every aspect of this enthralling part of the planet.