Reasons to Explore Beautiful Brittany, France!

Brittany has been a popular getaway in Western Europe for holiday makers for what seems like forever, and there’s a good reason (or a number of good reasons, in fact) for this. It is the ideal destination for a short break from the hustle and bustle of city living – it is classically beautiful, with fantastic beaches, lovely weather, and a long and storied culture.

The sheer variety of the region makes it a perfect place for just about any kind of traveller. Whether you’re alone, with your family or on a romantic break for two; whether you prefer a cheaper holiday enjoying the locals’ preferred dining spots or you like to live in the lap of luxury at a boutique hotel; whether you want to soak up the sun on the beach or take in the latest in modern art… basically, whatever you like, you’ll find something to love here.

And it’s easy to get to as well – instead of wasting a couple of hours waiting to board a plane and then sitting in cramped conditions and having to spend a small fortune on a bottle of water, why not take the ferry over instead? Brittany Ferries offer some great deals on holidays in France which include return ferry travel with your car. Click here to view their latest deals.

Here are some more reasons to head over to this glorious part of France – in case you’re not convinced already!


The Beautiful Beaches

The lovely resort of Dinard is home to a number of fantastic beaches in itself. It has been popular among British travellers since the 19th century, and it’s not difficult to see why. The former fishing village was the most popular resort in France until the Riviera took the top spot in the ‘30s, and attracted celebrities, wealthy businessmen and even European royalty. There are more than 400 listed buildings here, many of which date to this time.

Arguably the most dazzling of beaches here is the Plage de l’Écluse, a large expanse of golden sands just to the north of Dinard. It is a beautiful beach, replete with lovely blue and white beach huts. The sea wall makes for a nice seaside walk, the sands are perfect for building castles, and there’s a seawater swimming pool – what more could you want?

Arts and Culture

Every summer, Morbihan in central Brittany opens its L’art dans les chapelles (Art in chapels) to visitors. This display takes place over 25 different sites across the Blavet Valley, most of which are chapels that date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

20 of today’s best and brightest artists get to display their work here each summer, meaning you can spend a day enjoying a walk around the beautiful area, stopping off to admire impressive architecture and incredible artwork.

Enjoy a City Break

Saint Malo – the City of Corsairs – is a wonderful place to visit, either for a week or just a day trip. The impressive Old Town is lined with cobbled streets and dotted with grandiose granite mansions, and is encircled by town walls.

The pink granite on the nearby beaches makes for an awe-inspiring sight. Make sure to visit the cathedral and the castle to get a taste of the city’s rather turbulent history. Thankfully, that is entirely in the past – the island is a truly tranquil place these days.

Top Tourist Attractions In St Andrews

Despite its small size, there are a lot of top tourist attractions in St. Andrews, Scotland.  Located in the Fife Peninsula, this small, Scottish town has enjoyed a healthy influx of visitors.  Many have come here to pay homage to the birthplace of golf.  Why not?  The Royal and Ancient Golf Club was founded in this little town 1754 in the Fife Peninsula southeast of Dundee.  And, since 1897, members of this established club has been recognized internationally as the ruling body of golf.

St Andrews is very easy to get to, Edinburgh, which has many international and national connects is only 50 miles away, check for good deals on flights there.

But there’s more to this town than being the home of golf.  Here are some of the top tourist attractions in St. Andrews not to miss!

st andrews castle, scotland

St. Andrews Cathedral

St. Andrews has a pivotal role in Scottish ecclesiastical history.  The churches and religious monuments that dot St. Andrews’ landscape is testimony to this.  According to legend, St. Regulus arrived in this town with the remains of St. Andrews.  And since then, it has become a site of pilgrimage.  In 1200, several churches were put up in town, including the St. Andrews Cathedral.  By the 15th century, the St. Andrews Cathedral has now become the biggest cathedral in Scotland and the seat of the archbishop.  James V and Mary of Guise were wed here, forming the Franco-Scottish alliance.

However, in 1559, the cathedral was destroyed.  Today, only parts of the Romanesque cathedral are left.

St. Andrews Castle

This castle was built at the same time as St. Andrews Cathedral in 1200.  It served as the Bishop’s residence for centuries.  The St. Andrews Castle was then destroyed during the Reformation, leaving nothing but the ruins which we see today.  But luckily, a modern visitor centre has provided details of the castle’s history.

Sea Life Centre

The Sea Life Centre gives you a fascinating insight on marine life, with its various attractions which include an aquarium, a shark pool and a marine laboratory.  It also has a wonderful beach café where you can make a quick pit stop to rest your feet and grab a bite while marvelling at the beach’s horizon.

Tribute to golf

It would be an insult if we did not as much as mention St. Andrews’ golf heritage in the top tourist attractions in St. Andrews.

First stop is the Old Golf Course.  This golf course runs along the coast of St. Andrews and originally had 22 holes.  It was reduced to 18 holes in 1836.  The headquarters of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club is also found here.

Next stop is the British Golf Museum, where you can find an extensive exhibit of golf artefacts, and everything that has to do anything with golf.

These are just some of the top tourist attractions in St Andrews, but there are plenty more. Make a weekend out of it and enjoy one of Scotland’s gems. Bon Voyage!

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What not to miss in Tuscany, Italy!

Italy is one of those places that is on almost everyone’s travel bucket list. It’s not hard to understand why with so many amazing things to enjoy from the beach to the mountains, the cuisine to the culture, Italy is just jam-packed with things to indulge all of your interests.

One region that is especially popular with tourists, and for good reason, is none other than the Tuscan region in central Italy. Read on to learn about just some of the amazing offerings Tuscany offers its lucky visitors.



No trip to Italy would be complete without a trip to Florence. Actually the 6th biggest city in the country, and the capital of Tuscany, Florence blends city vibes with a provincial feel for the best of both words. Marvel at the works of Michaelangelo, notably the David, at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze or climb the Duomo in the center of town.

Cinque Terre

Actually a group of 5 independent villages, Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore, and Corniglia, Cinque Terre is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and national park, and for good reason. One of the most photographed areas in all of Italy, Cinque Terre is simply stunning. Stroll the narrow streets that end abruptly to panoramic views of the ocean and surrounding cliffs. Enjoy the amazing seafood caught just a few hours before over a bottle of delectable Tuscan wine. Cinque Terre is one of the most romantic places in the entire world, let alone Italy (and that’s saying a lot!). To make your experience even more memorable, opt to stay at a Tuscan vacation villa instead of a standard hotel.


Sienna is another gem of a city in Tuscany and battles Florence for visitors, while in reality people just visit both and enjoy them equally the same! Florence is known more for its Renisance style architecture while Sienna offers many fantastic examples of well-preserved Gothic architecture. Don’t miss the Piazza del Campo, then climb to the top of the Torre del Mangia for majestic views over Sienna.

Wales Top 6 Summer Getaways!

Considering it’s small size, Wales has a vast array of diverse locations in which to spend a summer break and a great option if you’re heading to the UK. Whether you are looking for an action-packed activity weekend, a relaxing beach holiday or a vibrant city break, Wales has it all. Below are some suggestions of places to visit when you want a break from the day-to-day grind, the hustle and bustle of urban life or when you just feel like a change of scenery will do you good.


shutterstock_163836248Owing to it’s university campus, Aberystwyth is a coastal town with a vibrant atmosphere and plenty to keep you occupied on a week away. I love to visit Cardigan Bay when I am in the vicinity but there is also a cliff railway which the kids will love, a historic castle, and a forest park. Tripadvisor counts Gyesty Cymru as the best hotel in the town but I love the quirky B&Bs available.


shutterstock_176119391It’s so difficult to choose, but Tenby could be my favourite place in the whole of Wales. It’s charming colourful buildings, the coastal path perfect for blowing the cobwebs off in a morning and the lovely boutique shops! It is a great place to come alone or with the whole family with three gorgeous  sandy beaches to choose from as well as a few nice museums.


Llandudno is the quintessential British seaside resort; this means lovely beaches, great fish and chips and enough fun to keep the kids amused. When lazing on the beach begins to get tiresome there is a medieval castle and a tramway to hop onto. For the culinary enthusiasts, Llandudno also has some excellent restaurants to enjoy. For a carefree coach trip to Llandudno check out who run regular holidays to the popular destination.


In the West of the country, Pembrokeshire is a vast area to explore and perfect for a holiday in which you want to pack a lot in. From birdwatching to wild swimming, there is much to see and do in Pembrokeshire. I have already mentioned Tenby, which makes a great base from which to go coasteering in St Non’s and visit the fantastic Oakwood Theme Park.

Brecon Beacons

The Brecon Beacons National Park is the best place in Wales to get away from it all. Comprising of spectacular mountain landscapes, waterfalls and lakes, it’s a veritable walker’s paradise. For the keen fishing fans there are plenty of fresh water and salt water opportunities and for the extreme sports fans there is the Black Mountains Classic cycle track from Talgarth and then there’s canyoning in waterfall country to keep the adrenalin pumping.


Top of the beauty charts, Anglesey is a great place to relax but also fantastic for festivals and events. It’s a unique island which makes for a great romantic getaway as well as a family break. Don’t forget to drop in on William and Kate while you’re there!

Unlocking the Cultural Highlights of Slovenia

Slovenia is a country with a rich cultural heritage, which is continually nurtured and preserved. It is difficult to get a true feel for this nation’s complex tapestry by visiting one single area or attraction. A trip to Slovenia is best done by road; hiring a car is the ideal way of getting around and seeing many of the countries museums, castles, monuments and archeological sites and to really experience all that the country has to offer.

city in Slovenia

Preparation is essential

A journey on the open road calls for a little preparation in the form of drinks, snacks and the best vehicle for the job. Improvements in engineering, technology and styling have made modern cars a dream conveyance for long haul journeys in Europe. A reliable navigation system is a must; the majority of cars tend to have have inbuilt GPS devices, though they can often be hired for a small additional fee, along with high-spec music systems. Comfort is when long periods are to be spent in the vehicle especially for the driver. Some smaller vehicles can be somewhat cramped for backseat passengers, so be sure that everyone has sufficient legroom before making your final choice.

Although not essential, for families with young children, there is usually the option to rent a vehicle with split-screen and/or backseat monitors to keep them entertained. Fuel consumption is of paramount importance for those long journeys if the inconvenience of making multiple fuel stops is to be avoided, so be sure to check the fuel efficiency of the vehicles being considered.

Cost is arguably the most important factor to consider when it comes to hiring a vehicle; as well as additional insurance cover, which can affect the overall fees. Detailed planning for your trip can bring down costs significantly and make a considerable difference when it comes to choosing a particular vehicle.

The sights and secrets of Slovenia

Once the paperwork has been completed and the open road awaits there are a multitude of sights and attractions to explore in Slovenia that will unlock the cultural significance of the country. The National Museum, Museum of Natural History and Ethnographic Museum are among the highlights offering visitors a fascinating journey through the country’s history. Among the most popular attractions are the castles; the Bled, Pledjama and Celje’s Old Castle are all breathtaking to view and have magnificent histories to investigate.

Victims of war and major historical figures gain recognition in the majority of the memorials and monuments. Slovenia is rare in that it has monuments dedicated to local artists and historical figures rather than political leaders.

In many ways, Slovenia is one huge archaeological site; important historical remains are found during virtually every excavation project and the wealth of relics come from a variety of historical eras. Numerous finds are on view at one of the many archaeological parks and sites arranged for visitors across the country.

Slovenia offers more than just museums and monuments; however, the countryside is both unique and awe-inspiring and there is always something new to see. So, whether a first time visitor or a returning long-time fan of the country, rent a car and get to know the real Slovenia.


Top Reasons To Visit Estonia

For quite some time now, the top reasons to visit Estonia have slowly paved their way into the European tourism market. The moment you set foot into Estonia, be prepared to be captivated by its enthralling scenic landscapes and beautiful cities. For those who are not yet familiar with the country as a tourist destination, read on and you’ll find out more as to why this country is regarded as a secret treasure to a lot of people in Estonia as well as well traveled Europeans.

cathedral in Estonia

Just in the heart of the country lies Tallinn which is Estonia’s capital. Tallinn being a boat trip away from Helsinki and Stockholm makes it the ideal spot to start a tour through Scandinavia and is definitely one of the top reasons to visit Estonia.

Getting to Northern and Western Estonia will surely lead you to the picturesque tourist attractions which the inimitable Estonian sceneries have to offer. Lahemaa National Park for example which is situated on the north shores of the country is deemed as one of the top reasons to visit Estonia given it is among the most significant nature reserve regions in Europe. Tallinn Botanical Garden on the other hand is another spot to see in Estonia positioned in the quaint dell of Pirita River. The Botanical Garden features numerous interesting plant collections which are distinct in the country. Conversely, Matsalu National Park also has an edge to boast since it is a real oasis for bird-gazing enthusiasts. Furthermore, Matsalu displays a lot of bird-watching areas and trekking routes which will allow you to take pleasure in the place more.

Known as a rich historical country, Estonia’s former position in the Soviet Union has merited the nation with a unique historical standing. Currently, ancient Soviet Architectural structures and transportation remain ever-present thus proves itself to be a nice place to explore for those who are full-fledged aficionados of history.

Also put in mind that the sandy beaches are definitely one of the top reasons to visit Estonia owing to its various offered beach activities such as sunbathing, swimming, sailing and windsurfing which will never fail to add more thrill to your vacation getaway in Estonia.



Top Things To Know About Visiting Iceland

Learning the top things to know about visiting Iceland can always help tourists have a memorable vacation in this part of the world. Iceland is a unique country, especially given its location on the globe. This mountainous island country is practically situated between North America and Europe. Despite its close proximity to the Arctic Circle, one may be surprised to know that this country’s general climate is considerably mild compared to its Scandinavian counterparts. This is all due to the high volcanic activity in the region enabling a number of geothermal springs to thrive well. Iceland’s history began with migration. Although the Vikings are officially credited for its discovery, some scholars have debated that Irish monks arrived prior to their settlement. Until today, Iceland has been a popular destination for immigrants. The latest to arrive are usually coming from Eastern Europe or Southeast Asia.


1. Nature: beautiful but deadly

The ecology of Iceland is one of the world’s finest ever seen by many travelers. However, one of the top things to know about visiting Iceland outdoors is that this is the part of the world where Mother Nature gets whimsically feisty. Glaciers are so tempting to explore, but they can often be the worst killers. They have a habit of crumbling when visitors least expect them. In fact, the unpredictable weather in Iceland can be very dangerous for those who have not acclimatized to its environment. Some people get sick because of the humidity and cold.

2. Where honest opinions can cause trouble

When people ask tourists “how do you find Iceland?” or “what do you think of Iceland?” they are not actually asking for honest opinions. This is one of the few things that surprised unprepared tourists and it is bad enough to cause unpleasant relationship with locals. If would be wise to stay positive when responding to this sort of question. This question is not actually posed to illicit frank responses but to counter the negative stigma caused by the recurring bad jokes about their country.

3. Don’t ever challenge their superstitions

Perhaps one of the most out-of-the-ordinary top things to know about visiting Iceland is that its locals are very adamant towards their belief of the huldofolk (invisible people). Anyone who thinks that no nation should believe in such nonsense in these modern times better keep it to themselves. This skepticism is just plain rudeness as far as the locals are concerned. People with an open mind generally do not have a problem with this kind of environment, especially those coming from countries steeped with spiritual or mythological traditions.

4. Hitchhiking is good, if you are patient

If there is one interesting about Iceland, it is the fact that this country is one of the very few around the world where hitchhiking is very safe. There is a very high percentage that drivers will be giving strangers a free ride. Outside Reykjavik, however, it takes an average of one hour of wait for every car to pass by.

Top Tourist Attractions In Guernsey and Alderney

While the top tourist attractions in Guerney and Alderney aren’t as popular as that of France, their sceneries deserve a look or two. These two islands are part of the geographic grouping called the Channel Islands, together with the Bailiwick of Jersey. These islands are just right off the coast of S.t Malo Bay and are technically part of England.

Guernsey is known for its pristine, white sand beaches and picturesque floods, while Alderney, a part of the Guernsey, is known for its ruins, rocky terrains and lack of trees. Despite their differences, the top tourist attractions in Guernsey and Alderney deserve a place in the map of top tourist destinations.



The small town of St. Anne is great starting point for your adventures in Alderney. This quaint little town was established in the 15th century by French inhabitants. To date, St. Anne has preserved most of its old school charms, from cobblestone streets and cozy pubs, making it one of the top tourist attractions in Guernsey and Alderney. Fun activities in St. Anne include golfing, fishing and wind surfing.

A mile away from Alderney’s shores is the deserted island called Burhou. This is a perfect site to for bird watching, except during nesting season when tourists are not allowed in.

In Telegraph Bay, marvel at the Two Sisters, a pair of odd rock formations with different colors.


Start your adventure in Guernsey in St. Peter Port, where you can find the hippest shopping districts, historical sites and a whole lot more. Climb up to the highest point in the port to marvel at the panoramic view of the entire island, or enjoy some of its fun activities such as bird watching, diving, fishing and sailing.

Once you’ve had your fill in St. Peter Port, check out some of Guernsey’s notable landmarks, such as the 12th Century Church, Castle Cornet with its Elizabethan architecture, the Martello Towers beside the ruins of Vale Castle and Vale Church, and the famous Hauteville House, which was once the temporary residence of famous French writer, Victor Hugo.