5 Odd Reasons People have been denied entry to the USA

So your planning your trip to the United States of America! Your venture awaits. The first thing you need to do now is to apply for an ESTA Visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization gives you approval to travel the United States. Without this you will be denied entry when flying into the United States, but with this your all good to go right?

Well thats what these people thought! However it is actually completely up to immigration officers discretion whether you enter the country or not. Here are 5 odd reasons where people have been denied entry to the United States of America.

denied entry to the United States

For Tweeting

Yes it is possible to get denied entry to the US for this so becareful what you tweet! Travellers have been denied entry for the comments they have posted on their twitter feeds. Back in 2012 Mr. Leigh Van Bryan was denied entry to the United States for posting the following tweet; ‘Free this week, for quick gossip/prep before I go and destroy America.”

Leigh was questioned for 5 hours upon arriving to the United States of America and was forced to leave after Homeland Security Agents decided his tweet was and another where he claimed he was coming to the States to ‘dig up the grave of Marilyn Monroe’ were enough to send him back home. These comments were not appreciated and while Bryan insisted it that by ‘destroy’ he meant have a jolly good time, it was a year after the 9/11 terror attacks and threats whether true or false would not be tolerated.

Insulting The President

A 17 year old boy from the UK decided to email the White House back in 2010. In his drunken email he called current President Barack Obama ‘A Pr**k’.

It was reported that the following day the police came round, took his photo and told him he was banned from visiting the USA for life! The US Customs & Border Protection agency refused to comment on the matter and it is thought that the ban genuinely remains in place.

For Travelling Too Much

Having certain stamps in your passports especially in less traveled nations, especially in muslim countries can raise the eyebrows of Homeland Security. A Dutch writer Neilk Gerson Lohman had travelled around the world, but his Stamps to Yemen and Malaysia meant he was turned away and denied entry to the United States.

With Donald Trump’s current travel ban to the countries of Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen mean that anyone foreign who has visited one of these countries is likely to raise suspicion at immigration even to this day..

For Having a Guitar

Vice did a feature on a man named Johannes Neiderhauser. The European found himself in a horrific predicament when Home Land security decided to interrogate him, strip search him and then deport him back to Europe because his Guitar raised suspicion that he was returning to the US to try work as a proffessional musician.

It turns out that the poor guy was simply interested in travelling the southern states of the US and playing a fee unpaid gigs!

Know why America observes President’s Day

President's Day is a meaningful time to visit Mount Rushmore ... photo by CC user Sfmontyo on wikimedia

The United States of America observes Washingtons Birthday as Presidents Day every year. This federal holiday is observed on the third Monday of February.

The country comes together on this day to remember all of its past Presidents including their birthdays, lives and contributions. It has been made to include in fact all Presidents past, present and future at the same time.

Therefore Presidents Day or Presidents Day both stand correct. Initially it was started to honor George Washington, who was the first and amongst the most popular ones of these. Then later on it was realized that Abraham Lincoln too was born in the same month.

Other US Presidents who have their birthdays in February are William Henry Harrison and Ronald Reagan. This federal observance is also a holiday in many states. It is noteworthy that some states celebrate it in memory of Washington and Thomas Jefferson or even some other person. For instance, in Arkansas it is celebrated as Daisy Gatson Bates Day.

For many years now America is considered as a super power and attracts travelers from far and wide. Many want to holiday here and some would prefer to migrate here. They all need to apply for suitable visa categories and obtain them before entering.

Those on a temporary visit and are foreign nationals typically need the tourist visa. Interestingly citizens of certain countries come under the Visa Waiver Program that its run by the government. These people dont need to apply for any tourist visa and still get to travel. All they need to do is check ESTA Visa status before traveling.

This holiday in February is famous for its sales, especially those from car dealers. Still while many overlook the commercialization of this day. A major part of this day is to remember the country’s veterans.

It is same as with Veterans Day and Memorial Day. When it all began George Washington was seen as the father of his nation, this leadership skills and other accomplishments were celebrated on his birthday which falls on the 22nd of February. He is seen as a key person in American history till date.

The Washington Monument was also constructed in his honor. To pay tributes to this great man his hometown Alexandria in Virginia carries on with month long celebrations as a community.

The key attraction of this is the birthday parade which has been running for many years now. The George Fest is celebrated every year on by the Eustis community in Florida. This has been continuing since 1902.

Interestingly this day was celebrated for the first time when the President was still alive. It started towards the end of 18th century. It later became official in 1885. This was when the then President Chester Arthur made it a federal holiday.

Then next in 1968 Uniform Monday Holiday Bill was passed. This resulted in this and other holidays being shifted to Mondays so that workers could enjoy three day weekend.