The Best Winter Travel Destinations in the UK

The snowy slopes of the Cairngorms are among the top winter travel destinations in the UK

While most venture to the United Kingdom in the summer months when the weather is at its driest and sunniest, those that do not fear rain nor the damp chill of winter travel to the United Kingdom in the off-season, looking to explore the top attractions and the off-the-beaten track secrets of one of the world’s most famous nations.

If you happily adopt the contrarian approach to tourism, and are looking to explore the best winter travel destinations in the UK this year, the following article will contain some inspiring ideas that will help get your trip planning off to a roaring start. Let’s start by looking north…

Cairngorm National Park, Scotland

While most think that the British Isles are a perpetually rainy and foggy place come winter, a quick trip through the mountains of Scotland will prove this assertion dead wrong. By taking advantage of a cheap car rental Edinburgh Airport UK, you can get your journey to this sublimely beautiful range in the Scottish Highlands off to a quick and financially efficient start.

One of the more exciting things one can do in the Cairngorms is to go skiing or snowboarding, as the heights of its peaks will frequently get buried in copious amounts of snow while lowland areas get drenched in the rain that ones more commonly associates with this part of the world.

If you aren’t the active type, there is plenty to do here besides gazing up at the lovely peaks, as this region has plenty of museums and castles one can comb through, as well as a number of distilleries where one can sample some of the hooch which has made this corner of the UK world famous.

Isles of Scilly, Cornwall

Located off the coast of one of the United Kingdom’s most southerly territories, the Isles of Scilly is the warmest spot in the entire nation, with daily mean (not daily highs, but the average of low and high temps) temperatures in January sitting around seven degrees Celsius.

For those sick of cold winter weather elsewhere in the British Isles, this archipelago is the perfect place to seek relief, as this is a place where locals count flower blossoms on New Year’s Day, even as most others huddle in their homes further north with a steaming pot of tea at the ready.

While the weather is usually mild here in winter, it can be rough when storms push in from the Atlantic, but for those that can find beauty in waves that crash violently upon the seashore, it might prove to the perfect cure to the hectic day to day grind present in cities on the mainland.

Brecon Beacons National Park, Wales

Of all the countryside scenes that the United Kingdom boasts, few are quite as famous as its moorlands, as these moody grasslands are a magnet for those that love the power of introspective thought in such a starkly beautiful place.

You’ll find plenty of places to do just that in Brecon Beacons National Park, but if going for a thoughtful stroll across a grassy highland isn’t enough to capture your imagination, perhaps the fact that this part of Wales is one of the last roaming grounds of the Welsh mountain pony will.

Other highlights here include ancient Celtic and Roman ruins, and the remains of old castles and churches, whose exploration are all tempered by the sharp but never overpowering nip of the chilled air of upland Wales, which is just chilly enough to affirm the fact that you are alive and are actively engaged in the art of living.

Do You Know The Best Time To Visit Andorra?

Best Time To Visit Andorra

If you love skiing, winter is the best time to visit Andorra

The best time to visit Andorra will greatly depend on what you plan on doing in the country. Andorra has alpine weather, with snowy winters and warm and dry summers. But depending on the altitude and the orientation of the slopes, there could be a variation to the climate patterns.

But nonetheless, weather patterns in Andorra, a small but scenic nation in Western Europe can be quite predictable. The guide below can you help you determine the best time to visit Andorra:

Trekking and hiking. Trekking and hiking in Andorra is best done between April and October, during the warmer season as everything will be fresh and green. You won’t have to deal with snow or the harsh cold during this time of the year.

Joining festivals and cultural events. The best time to visit Andorra and make the most of your vacation here is during the summer time, which is on July to September. The country’s villages are vibrant with festivals and events, which is a perfect opportunity for you to sample Andorra’s local cuisines and delicacies. But do take note that this is also the peak season in the country. Books can be pretty booked by then and prices for accommodations and airfare can balloon during this time.

It’s best to plan ahead and make reservations early on to avoid the rush.

Skiing and wintersports. The main lure of Andorra is skiing and what better time to visit Andorra for a ski trip than during winter time. The coldest months fall between December and March and that is when the snowfall is heaviest. The slopes are perfect by then.

But if you missed the snow from December to March, don’t fret. There are some ski resorts which remain open even after the winter season. These ski resorts make use of snow machines or man made snow on the slopes.