Top 4 Places to Game in Europe

London is one of the top Gambling Destinations in Europe ... photo by CC user H. Michael Miley via flickr

If you ask someone about where you should go to play in the US, they will surely enumerate a series of famous places to visit, like Las Vegas, Reno, Atlantic City and others.

But how about Europe? How about the land where the casino was born?

Players in Europe are lucky, as it is the land of clearly regulated online gambling. Players can visit gaming venues like the Red Flush Casino, play their favorite games on desktop or mobile devices, and always have peace of mind – their information and money is always safe.

The EU has clear policies on the licensing and overseeing of online casinos like Red Flush. And they play and win at the Red Flush – just take a look at the Winners Wall at Red Flush Casino.

The list you can find there is constantly updated with the top winner of the week, the top progressive winners and those who have cashed in big on their monthly promotions.

The Red Flush Casino is not limited to European players – it accepts residents of any country where online gambling is legal.

Its special offers are attractive, or sometimes even amazing – which other casino offers its players a Caribbean cruise? One more reason for you to go gaming around Europe.

But let’s go back to land-based casino destinations worth a visit in Europe.

1. Monte Carlo Casino, Monaco

The most famed and best known casino in the world, the Monte Carlo Casino was built in the 19th century and for long it was the only casino destination Europeans could turn to.

Taking a trip to Monaco is a wonderful experience even without a mandatory visit to the famous Casino, but if you want to feel like James Bond in Casino Royale, make sure to include this destination on your roadmap.

2. Paris, France

The only forms of online gambling legal in France are sports bets, poker and horse race betting, so you can imagine how hungry gamblers are for some casino action.

Paris, the country’s capital city, has a number of great casinos for them – and for those visiting the city. Paris, aside from being one of the most romantic destinations, is also great for gamblers looking for some action at the end of the day.

3. London, England

London is less known as a gambling destination, although it has a series of high profile casinos – both open and closed for public.

Aside from the usual casinos, it has clubs with strict membership rules that attract high profile players to its tables.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a wonderful city with a long history and some incredibly tasty varieties of beer. It is also a great gambling destination – the city has 43 casinos open for public, with slot machines and table games for any taste and temperament.

You don’t have to fly over the ocean to see some casino action. Europe is home to the casinos, after all.

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