How to pack for an outdoor vacation to the USA


the Alps are the perfect venue for an outdoor vacation ... photo by CC user BraunW on wikimedia

Packing for an outdoor vacation to the USA can be very much like a military-style operation. Unlike a beach vacation, for which you simply need enough clothing to cover your modesty, or a city break, which requires a camera and very little else in terms of specialist equipment, an outdoor vacation that incorporates camping, hiking, or numerous other adventurous activities can be a little more complicated. Besides making sure you’re not in need of an ESTA visa for the US, in which you should check here,, here are some more tips!

Prior planning prevents poor packing

If you are likely to be setting up camp or staying in a lodge far from the nearest town, it is essential that you have packed everything you could possibly need for your trip; after all, you would not want to be caught short. Planning the contents of your backpack carefully before you set off is vital, and may literally save your life if something should go wrong. If you know you are going to be taking part in certain activities, such as those offered by Outdoor Traveler, the adventure vacation specialists, be sure you pack anything that will not be included in the packages you have booked. Safety equipment is usually included, but it pays to be clear. Outdoor Traveler also has a social media presence, so be sure to follow them to see the latest adventure travel opportunities.

The very first thing to consider as you begin your packing list is the type of activities you are likely to be undertaking during your vacation. It is important to cater to your itinerary by packing appropriate clothing, footwear, accessories, and gadgets. As the weather can be fairly unpredictable, whatever the season, packing a few all-weather items can be a great help; even if it is the height of summer, be sure to include a lightweight jacket and some thicker garments, just in case the weather turns.

In terms of accessories and gadgets, it is important to remember such items as a tent, should you be camping, a reusable water bottle, a strong backpack, a flashlight with spare batteries, a watch, and a map and compass, or GPS system. The US has great satellite and cell coverage so signal won’t be an issue. A small first aid kit and a sewing kit for clothing-related emergencies are also necessary, while a cell phone and mobile charging device will allow you to alert someone should you get lost. Whenever possible, try not to travel alone and always tell someone where you are going.

It is important to treat your packing with the same precision as each activity you are likely to undertake. Carefully research the items you are likely to need, choose items of clothing with the terrain and conditions in mind and, above all, keep your own safety in mind at all times. Adventure vacations can be a blast, but make sure you are properly prepared before setting foot anywhere.


InterRailing on a budget: Across Europe by train

Exploring Europe by train is the best way to go!

Exploring Europe by train is the best way to go!

There has been a romance about traveling by rail ever since George Stephenson first unveiled his groundbreaking Rocket on England’s Stockton to Darlington rail line.

As the technology for engines and railroads spread to the US, opening up the country for development, and to many other countries, there are now iconic journeys that can be made in places such as Australia and Europe.

The Orient Express is one of those iconic rail journeys, redolent of the luxury enjoyed by the European aristocracy and now a fixture in the travel plans for those looking for a different vacation experience. Yet InterRailing is arguably the very best way to see Europe by train.

InterRail planning

Before traveling to Europe and going InterRailing it’s essential to plan the journey. There are some 30 countries in Europe that can be visited with an InterRail pass and everyone will have a different idea as to where they want to go.

For some it will be the iconic cities of Paris, London, Prague, Istanbul, and for others it will be a chance to explore countries that their ancestors may have come from.

The enormous range of choice for destinations and types of train makes this completely different from simply flying in to a destination. Of course, flying is fast and generally convenient, but taking the railways gives a whole different sense of what traveling is about.

Firstly, there is the opportunity to really see the countryside, towns and villages of so many different nations. Even the change from England to France is mesmerizing, and then traveling on to countries such as Switzerland and onward to Italy or Austria reveal stunning landscapes that simply can’t be experienced by air. Of course they can be experience by car, but that requires knowing the various driving regulations of each country and putting in a hard day’s driving just to get somewhere new.

InterRailing completely takes the hassle out of traveling, letting vacationers sit back as the train takes the strain and stopping and staying in fascinating places that might otherwise never have been experienced.

InterRail Pass

There are number of different InterRail Passes that save lots of money, so the planning is essential. Those who want to visit one country can get a One Country Pass and can buy additional One Country Passes to visit more countries.

For those who really want to explore Europe in depth a Global Pass is the best. It’s an amazingly cheap way of getting all over the continent and a thrilling expedition of exploration for children as well as adults. Passes for seniors aged 60 plus, for youths aged 25 and under, and for children aged 4-11 years are all discounted.

Emergency money transfers

It can happen to anyone. Money runs short and funds are needed quickly. Setting up with a money transfer specialist such as Trans-Fast means that an order for transfer can be given quickly and money is sent extremely quickly, at a low cost, ensuring the vacation can continue without further disruption.