How to see Paris as a local

Nibbling on fresh baguette and drinking fine wine is one of the best ways on how to see Paris as a local!

Nibbling on fresh baguette and drinking fine wine is one of the best ways on how to see Paris as a local!

Every year, over 70 million tourists stream into France, making this nation the most visited nation on the planet. Many of these folks come to see Paris, the vaunted city of romance, above all else. Of all the cities in the world, few others possess the mystique that the City of Lights has in spades.

Of course, the big problem with all of this is that it is very difficult to capture the essence of this French metropolis by staying in a hotel, where the experience is either generic or highly contrived. Many standard sights overflow with foreigners like you (and not native Parisians), taking the surreality that you had expected your visit to Paris to have.

The best way to fight this is by actively seeking out local experience. The following article will dish on how to see Paris as a local, from the moment you wake up in the morning, right through to the last authentic activity you have energy for at the end of the day.

Stay in cheaper neighborhoods

While those that have excelled at their profession have made the glitzier arrondissements their home, your average Parisian has been forced outward towards more distant areas. This doesn’t mean you’ll be missing out on what makes this city great – many places like Montmartre in the 18th arrondissement are well connected to the city center by transit, and with centuries of history behind them, they have their own charms and attractions that make these places worthwhile places to reside.

If you are looking for the perfect place in the outer burbs of Paris, sites like this one ( will put you on the right track towards getting a cozy place in a leafy neighborhood in the City of Lights.

Enjoy Paris’ amazing green spaces

When the delightful days of summer arrive in Central France, Parisians waste no time in deriving enjoyment from them, as one can plainly see when they stroll through this cities many amazing parks. You should join them in spreading out a picnic cloth and partaking of both the fine bounty of the land that France provides in terms of food and drink, as well as the company of close friends or a special significant other.

Search for treasures to adorn your home as Parisians do

Paris has numerous markets spread across its expanse, with each offering a wide variety of goods that will spruce up the look of your accommodation, as well as your mantle at home. Bouquinistes sell tons of old rare books along the banks of the Seine, while the Marché aux Puces de St-Ouen stands as the largest flea market on Earth, so if you’re looking for that random quirky knick-knack that will get your family talking back home.